Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Opening Ceremonies

Just ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that the Olympics are definitely one of my favorite things. I have been particularly obsessed with the Summer Olympics since 1996. Generally, when they come around, I plan to shut down my life and become a couch potato for approximately two weeks. That's not exactly an option these days, but I still try to watch as much of them as I can.

So last night, we enjoyed the celebration of sport and British culture that was the Opening Ceremonies. Say what you will about the pacing, the announcers, the bored-looking Queen (come on, people, she's like 100 years old), the theme interpretation, or whatever. I thought it was really cool. So here, bullet-style, are some of my favorite moments:
  • Kenneth Branagh quoting Shakespeare. Now that's a stage voice!
  • James Bond "escorting" the Queen into the stadium. The best of British security!
  • Huge creepy puppets depicting major villains in British children's literature. A 100-foot Voldemort!
  • Mary Poppins saves the day!
  • The music. Awesome. Chariots of Fire? Featuring Mr. Bean? Oh yes! And a tottering old Paul McCartney (or was that Angela Lansbury?) rocking out to Hey Jude? Does it get any better?
  • A record-speed Parade of Nations that culminated in all the flags flying on "Glastonbury Tor"
I will probably post several entries in this blog in the coming days. I am looking forward to so many things about these Olympics. As Greg says, "There's nothing like sitting on your butt for two weeks, watching other people exercise." Oh, it is so true. Bring it on.

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